Propose a topic

Tangence publishes scholarly articles, unpublished and in French, grouped within themed dossiers. Each dossier is subject to an anonymous peer review.

Submission of drafts

Proposals must include a presentation of the chosen theme and a list of the collaborators (approximately 7), indicating their topics of discussion and their professional status and institutional affiliation.

Proposals must be forwarded electronically (


Dossier submission

After the project is accepted by the journal’s editorial staff, the complete dossier must be forwarded electronically along with :

  • a table of contents indicating the titles of the articles and their order of appearance,
  • an introduction detailing the theme of the dossier and presenting the contributions therein (55,000 characters maximum, including spaces),
  • the articles (for each : 55,000 characters maximum, including spaces),
  • a summary of the dossier (200-250 words),
  • a summary of each article (150-200 words),
  • a bio-bibliographical note for each author indicating his/her professional status and main publications  (100-150 words),
  • a list of all contributors’ emails.

Each article submitted to Tangence must follow editorial guidelines, failing which it will be returned to the author without further evaluation.


Editorial Guidelines

Please note that beginning with issue 137 (winter 2025), we will be using these updated editorial guidelines :

Tangence does not allow any type of plagiarism, whether it is a complete article or part of a work. Please consult our editorial and ethical policy for further details.